Lewis Hamilton Says Plant-Based Diet Stopped His Mood Swings And Stomach Pain


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Hamilton is a keen proponent of plant-based diets (Photo: Jen_ross83) - Media Credit:

Lewis Hamilton has spoken out about the many ways his plant-based has improved his health.

The Formula One champion discussed his animal-free diet during a recent interview with The Edge Malaysia magazine.

Hamilton, who initially went plant-based in 2017, has been vocal many times about the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of an animal-free diet.

Plant-based diet

“I cannot put into words how much better I feel,” he told The Edge Malaysia

“I used to eat all that stuff and enjoy it, like most people do, but I would wake up feeling groggy, have mood swings and my energy level would go up and down through the day.

“I always had stomach problems and a swollen belly and I thought it was normal.”

‘It freaked me out’

He added that after ditching animal products, he met ‘a few new people who were vegans’ who showed him ‘some of the things happening in our world that [he] was completely oblivious to’.

“It freaked me out,” he added. “I started to read about it and realized that what I was taught to believe was healthy, was not.

“So, I decided to try and gradually move in that direction, slowly getting rid of red meat, then chicken, then fish until I was ready to fully commit. I wanted to feel for myself how big of a difference it would make.”

BBC Sport

Hamilton’s vocal transition away from animal products has garnered interest across the sporting and media worlds. Most recently, the BBC described his love for the plant-based lifestyle as a major highlight of 2019.

BBC Sport created a summary of Hamilton’s recent achievements in preparation for the Sports Personality Of The Year Award.

“Hamilton is interested in fashion, extols the virtues of a plant-based diet and often posts about his beloved bulldogs,” BBC Sport states.

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