Reading Time: 2 minutes The driver is working on his physique (Photo: Instagram/Lewis Hamilton)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Lewis Hamilton says he’s had his best winter’s training while on a plant-based diet.

The Formula One champion also revealed that he has lost 5kg, with his weight dropping from 78kg to 73kg.

Hamilton did his training while following a plant-based diet – which he initially switched to in 2017.

‘You can do it’

Sharing an image of himself on Instagram, Hamilton wrote: “This has been one of the best winters I’ve had training. Last year I arrived in to testing with a lot of water weight and around 78kg.

“This year, I’m at a better weight of 73kg. Still have more fat to burn off and more muscle to add but on the way. Consistency is key! If you are wanting to get in shape, you can do it. Just depends how much you want it. Let’s go guys.”

Benefits of a plant-based diet

In addition to training well, Hamilton has experienced other beneficial effects from his diet, some of which he discussed during a recent interview with The Edge Malaysia magazine.

“I cannot put into words how much better I feel,” he said. “I used to eat all that stuff and enjoy it, like most people do, but I would wake up feeling groggy, have mood swings and my energy level would go up and down through the day.

“I always had stomach problems and a swollen belly and I thought it was normal.”

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