Labour MP Matt Rodda Backs Campaign Calling For More Vegan Meal Deals

Labour MP Matt Rodda Backs Campaign Calling For More Vegan Meal Deals


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Rodda wants to make veganism more accessible for Britons (Photo: Facebook) - Media Credit:
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Labour MP Matt Rodda has backed a campaign calling for more vegan meal deals in supermarkets.

The Reading East MP has signed a petition asking supermarket CEOs to add more vegan meal deals to their menus.

Meal deals, typically priced at around £3, usually include a combination of sandwiches or pasta, a snack, and drink.


The Labour MP said: “I think it is important that people have a choice about what they eat when they buy a sandwich, and I want to support the campaign for vegans to get the chance to buy sandwiches in the same way as people who eat meat, or who are vegetarians, but eat dairy produce.

“I appreciate that many people choose a vegan diet for ethical or religious, environmental, or health reasons, and I hope their choices will be respected by retailers. 

“I should add that many non-vegans also like to try vegan food, or want to reduce the amount of meat and dairy products they eat, and their views should also be taken into account.”


The petition, which has clocked up close to 300 signatures, urges the CEO of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrison’s to introduce more vegan meal deals to their ranges.

It reads: “For too long vegans and those who regularly choose to forgo animal products have been pushed away from the convenience and affordability of the great staple of British cuisine – the supermarket meal deal.

“This campaign hopes not only to cater for the half a million plus Britons living a meat and dairy-free lifestyle, but to make vegan options visible, approachable, and affordable.”

You can sign the petitionhere


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