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Food Giant Kellogg’s have agreed to end their use of animals in ‘harmful and deadly’ tests for food products or ingredients, striking a deal with animal rights organization PETA.

The Kellogg Company, who tested on animals for 65 years, was first urged by PETA US to stop conducting and funding experiments on animals in 2007.

Kellogg’s pledged to minimize and limit the scope of its tests on animals, but their new global policy, which has been recently finalized, prohibits conducting, funding, supporting, and condoning animal tests.

‘Cruel and deadly tests’

Vice President of PETA US, Shalin Gala, said: “The global food industry is recognizing that no marketing claim can possibly excuse force-feeding, poisoning, suffocating, and killing gentle rats in cruel and deadly tests.

PETA applauds the company’s decision to embrace superior, non-animal research methods.”

Kellogg’s have now joined a growing list of food production companies to ban animal testing, such as The Coca-Cola Company, McCain Foods, and House Foods.

‘Outdated, cruel and unnecessary’

Last year, a petition with 8.3 million signatures against animal testing was delivered to the United Nations Headquarters.

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, CEO of The Body Shop, David Boynton, said: “In just 15 months more than 8 million people signed their names in recognition that cosmetic animal testing is outdated, cruel and unnecessary.”

Liam Giliver

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