Joe Rogan: James Wilks 'Knocked It Out Of The Park' Defending 'The Game Changers'

Joe Rogan: James Wilks ‘Knocked It Out Of The Park’ Defending ‘The Game Changers’


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James Wilks, Joe Rogan, and Chris Kresser - Media Credit:
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Joe Rogan has hosted a debate on his podcast between James Wilks – one of the producers of The Game Changers* – and Paleo advocate and licensed acupuncturist Chris Kresser.

The latest conversation follows a recent episode, featuring Kresser criticizing the film, which he has described as ‘vegan propaganda’.

Rogan described this latest podcast as ‘an opportunity for [Wilks] to refute some of the things that [Kresser] said about [The Game Changers]’.


During the almost four-hour-long debate, Wilks addressed various points made by Kresser. These included a claim that there is ‘no evidence’ that farm animals are supplemented with vitamin B12. Wilks used industry information, including images of B12 supplements given to farm animals to prove his point.

Another key issue was Kresser’s claim that The Game Changers was incorrect in stating that certain plant-based foods (i.e. a peanut butter sandwich) can be comparable in protein content to ground beef. Wilks dismissed this point using standard nutritional data.


Host Joe Rogan described Wilks’ performance as ‘fantastic’ – even saying he was considering removing the episode in which Kresser criticised the film.

Speaking at the end of the podcast, Rogan said he’d felt it would have been a ‘waste of time’ to have Wilks in the studio during Kresser’s debunking, then added: “But I also felt it [would be] unfair to not have you come in and explain and refute his debunking. And I think you did a fantastic job.”

‘He knocked it out the park’

Sharing the episode on Instagram, Rogan wrote: “[James Wilks] one of the producers of The Game Changers came on to challenge some of the criticism that Chris Kresser presented about the movie, and to say he did well would be a tremendous understatement. James knocked it out of the park and defended himself and the film quite spectacularly. So much so that I’m actually considering taking the original breakdown of the film offline.”

After the debate, Rogan asked Kresser if he had any closing comments. He said he didn’t, but thanked the others for inviting him to take part. Wilks said he was sorry if he had appeared ‘combative’.

While the episode has been shared via the social media channels of Joe Rogan, James Wilks, and The Game Changers, Chris Kresser does not at the time of writing appear to have shared the show.

*James Wilks co-produced The Game Changers with Joseph Pace, who was also a writer on the film.

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