Reading Time: < 1 minute The Corbs sweaters are limited edition, with only 250 available (Photo: notjust)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

British brand notjust has launched a vegan Christmas sweater that features vegetarian Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Made from non-animal fibers, the ‘Corbs’ unisex sweater is manufactured in the U.K. – with 50 percent of total profits going to charity.

The sweater’s topical designs are supposed ‘to tickle (or test the patience of) your friends, family and co-workers’, according to the website.


Corbyn is a lifelong vegetarian, who made waves in September when it was rumored he may be going plant-based, after stating that he is ‘going through the process’ of changing his diet because ‘dishes that do not include eggs or milk have improved’.

However, a spokesperson denied the rumors, saying: “Jeremy isn’t turning vegan. He actually meant he is ‘in the process’ of eating more vegan food’.”


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