Reading Time: < 1 minute The athlete might go plant-based (Photo: Cardale Jones Facebook)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Los Angeles quarterback Cardale Jones has hinted he’s considering ditching the animals products.

Taking to Twitter recently, the former Ohio State star wrote: “Thinking about going vegan.”

The tweet, which has nearly 2,000 likes, has garnered mixed responses.


One vegan Twitter used said: “On behalf of all animals, DO IT!!!!”

Tim Dom wrote: “There are some high performance vegan athletes. You’ll burn cleaner and feel great. Takes a minute to adjust but you live in the right place.”

Non-vegan Elika Sadeghi commented: “Listen, I’ll give vegan food this… it would probably be delicious if you just add some meat and cheese to it.”

Bo Anderson added: “You’re a professional athlete. You need as much lean protein as you can get. Vegan = Bad Idea. #Carnivore.”


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