Reading Time: 2 minutes Is the longtime veggie turning vegan? (Photo: Sophie J. Brown)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Is Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn slowly transitioning to a plant-based diet?

Reports published within the last couple of hours certainly think so. This piece in The Telegraph states: “Lifelong vegetarian Jeremy Corbyn has hinted that he is considering switching to becoming a vegan.

“The Labour leader, who has been a vegetarian for decades, said that he is ‘going through the process’ of changing his diet because dishes that do not include eggs or milk has improved.”


The left-wing politician made the comments when questioned by workers at an event at Lush Cosmetics.

According to Lush employees: “Britain’s first vegan Prime Minister would be something worth fighting for.”

Better food

Corbyn, who has been a vegetarian for 50 years, said: “I eat more and more vegan food, and have more and more vegan friends, indeed there are quite a lot of vegan MPs actually – not a lot, but there are some.

“I think what has improved so much is vegetarian and vegan food – [it] got so much better in recent years.

“I got fed up of going on a plane in the 80s and everyone would get their regulation rubber chicken, and whatever with it.

“I would say ‘Where is my lunch?’ and they would say ‘Yours is a special meal’, like there is something badly wrong with you, and they would bring this thing along. 

“It was usually pretty grim when it got there.”

“The food has got a lot better and vegan food – one of my close relatives has just become a vegan, and I went to her house for dinner and it was absolutely brilliant.

“So I’m going through the process, alright? I won’t go any further than that.”


But a spokesperson for the Labour Party said Corbyn will not be plant-based anytime soon.

Speaking to, the spokesperson said: “Jeremy Corbyn isn’t turning vegan. 

“There’s been a bit of mischief in the reporting of what he said… He actually meant that he is ‘in the process’ of eating more vegan food. 

“That’s all.”


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