Reading Time: < 1 minute Not all sanctuaries have the capacity to accept volunteers (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
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An interactive map has been created to show which animal sanctuaries in the U.S allow volunteers during the coronavirus pandemic

Vegan vitamin brand Future Kind created the online tool after realizing that not all sanctuaries have the capacity to allow volunteering.

‘Urgent help’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Shaun and Eliot Cunningham, co-founders of Future Kind, said: “We decided to collect the sanctuaries in the United States that do [allow volunteering] into one handy location.

“We’ve also included the non-volunteer sanctuaries in case you just want to visit or donate to one near you as well!

“Of course, many sanctuaries are not currently open for volunteers due to COVID-19, however many need urgent help when they do re-open, so please reach out.”

Virtual sanctuary

Many animal sanctuaries have struggled financially through the pandemic and, as a result, have launched virtual sanctuary programs.

Speaking to Plant Based News on how the business was adapting to the pandemic, Communications Coordinator Heather Decker of Catskill Animal Sanctuary said: “In order to keep our Sanctuary family—our Herd—connected, engaged, and smiling throughout this period of quarantine, we decided to move the launch of our brand new Virtual Sanctuary program ahead significantly.”

The Virtual Sanctuary allows you to ‘get up close with rescued farmed animals; hear their compelling backstories told by entertaining, knowledgeable Sanctuary staff’. There’s also opportunity to learn vegan cooking tips and master recipes, taught by the Sanctuary’s cookbook author and award-winning Culinary Director, Linda Soper-Kolton.

You can view the interactive map here

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