Reading Time: 2 minutes The graffiti at Globally Local
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A vegan drive-thru in Ontario has been struck by vandals who scrawled ‘I love meat’ on the building.

This is not the first time the Globally Local in London – one of the world’s first – has been attacked, but it is the first time the vandals have referred to its vegan status.


The eatery serves vegan alternatives to classic fast food, including its own take on the Big Mac, called the Famous Burger, as well as fries, tacos and mac n cheese.

Owner James McInnes said: “Before, we thought, there seems to be a lot of graffiti in the area, and we just thought it was kids doing what kids do, but we didn’t really look at it as a direct attack against us although there was more graffiti as soon as we took over the premises.

“It wasn’t until this happened that it was like, ‘Wow, this is a direct attack against us,’ and it was so explicit.”


Despite the nature of the attack, McInnes says it ‘will not slow us down’.

He said: “This is just part of the hiccups when you get going and you’re doing something that’s a bit controversial.

“We’ve already had a tremendous amount of support from the community and we really hope that it continues, and we think these kinds of attacks will only bring our community closer together and that’s something that we’re excited about. 

“It’s not going to slow us down, definitely not.”

He says the clean-up operation will not affect business hours.


Over the coming weeks, McInnes plans to expand the drive-thru into a 24-hour operation, as well as open up as a sit-down restaurant with 120 seats.


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