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Car manufacturer, Hyundai, have been accused of ‘bashing vegans’ in their latest advert that aired at the Super Bowl.

The advert features a cramped elevator that stops at different unpleasant experiences – such as getting a root canal, attending jury duty, sitting on the middle seat of an airplane, and having ‘the talk’ about puberty.

One of the unpleasant stops is a vegan dinner party, where a woman offers people in the elevator some ‘beetloaf’.

‘Perpetuating the myth vegan food is bad’

One person tweeted to Hyundai: “I make some really great vegan dinner food. But I’d never invite you anyway. Good job perpetuating the myth vegan food is bad. People could offset your products’ carbon footprint by going vegan. But you got a cheap joke in. #superbowl”

While animal rights organization, PETA, tweeted: “Instead of buying a car from people with outdated ideas, we suggest a vegan Smart car by Mercedes. Great mileage & acceleration, turns on a dime.”

Hyundai addressed the controversy, tweeting: “We actually like vegan food. That guy just wasn’t a fan of beetloaf.”

The Super Bowl

This year, the first ever plant-based meat commercial to run on the biggest ad stage in the world, when the vegan Beyond Burger was aired during the Super Bowl.

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