How To Watch Vegan Documentary ‘Dominion’: Current Screenings


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Many people around the world are keen to watch Dominion (Photo: Dominion) - Media Credit:

One of the most frequently asked questions around highly-anticipated vegan documentary Dominion is ‘how can I watch it’.

The feature-length film directed by Chris Delforce and co-produced by Earthlings Director Shaun Monson focuses on how animals are used and abused in Australia, and features footage from abattoirs and farms.

Director Chris Delforce told Plant Based News that the team is currently working on making the film available to buy on DVD and watch online – which could happen in May. When that information is confirmed, PBN will share it.


According to the Dominion team: “There are still two additional narrators to be recorded and added to the film.

“Once that has happened, we’ll be submitting it to Netflix for consideration, a process which can take two-three months for a final decision.

“During this time, we’ll likely be making the film available for online streaming/rental at a small cost, and beginning to sell DVDs.”

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Until then, there will be a number of screenings in various countries. Confirmed screenings so far take place in May, November, and December, in countries including Australia, the US, Germany and Italy.

In addition, numerous organizations from around the world have applied to the production to hold screenings.

According to the Dominion team: “We’re currently working through a large volume of requests for independent screenings around the world, most of which we’ll be approving, however in the US and UK we’re intending to hold a small number of official premieres which will need to happen before independent screenings.”


The best place to find information about upcoming screenings, as well as where to buy tickets, is on the Dominion website here.

The film’s Facebook page – here – also provides regular updates on how and where you can watch the movie.

Conscious of the interest in the documentary, the filmmakers say: “Thanks for your patience and support.”

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