HORROR: Animal Slaughter School Shuns Petition Asking?It?To Shut Down


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The school director will not cancel the class involving the slaughter of a sheep (Photo: Sam Carter) - Media Credit:

A ‘sustainability’ school in North Carolina has refused to close despite a petition calling for the institution to be shut down in light of a slaughter class.

Wild Abundance, which teaches skills including whole-animal butchery, foraging, and carpentry, has no plans to cancel an upcoming class involving the ‘humane’ slaughter of a sheep.

A petition on Care 2 Petition has been launched requesting the ‘Cycles of Life’ sheep slaughter class to be cancelled, and another one is requesting the school closes down.


Director of Wild Abundance Natalie Bogwalker told Citizen Times that the class has been held before.

She explained that she thanks the 100-pound sheep for their life, and then slits their throat in front of the class; the animal will be skinned and gutted, and the unused parts will be buried in a garden.

Bogwalker also mentioned that one person who took the class went fully vegan.

Animal liberation

North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) has released a statement about the class, urging activists to get involved.

“Innocent sheep will be coldly and cruelly murdered November 4 by two women who apparently are unfamiliar with the term oxymoron,” it read.

Will Hazlitt, a spokesman for NAALPO, said that animal rights activists think there’s no such thing as responsible meat eating, and labeled the class an ‘abhorrent activity’.

Hazlitt said: “We sympathize deeply with the people who are extremely upset about this and their deep-seated emotions in this regard, and we have no sympathy for the people who are cruelly murdering this sheep.”


The school director is alleged to have received death threats over her upcoming class.

“(There are) a lot of people hoping we die a painful death, wishing people would slit our throats, and saying that we’re sick and demented,” Bogwalker said.

“I try to keep a good attitude about it, but it’s pretty challenging.”

She added: “One of the reasons we offer the class is so people can really and truly understand the repercussions of their choices to eat meat and take responsibility for it.”


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