High School Slammed For Giving Students Dead?Pheasants ‘To Make Fajitas’


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Pupils were told to make fajitas with the pheasants (Photo: Facebook) - Media Credit:

A teacher at a Scottish high school has been blasted for getting children in the class to prepare fajitas from deceased pheasants.

The third-year pupils at Kingussie High School were each given a dead bird and a knife, and told to cut the phesants ‘in order to remove the meat to make fajitas’, reports The Scotsman.

Pictures of the class were posted on Facebook – which sparked fierce debate among parents.

The school wrote: “The S3 Home Economics were preparing pheasants this afternoon for Pheasant Fajitas. Everyone participated and did really well.”

‘Disgusting and selfish’

Facebook poster Autumn Penot criticized the school: “Maybe children should also be taught that you don’t need meat to live and be healthy, so killing and eating meat is pretty much saying satisfying your tastebuds means more than the life of a living, breathing, thinking, feeling being. 

“Disgusting and selfish.”

Tammy Hales opined: “Is there school trips to slaughterhouses also?! That’s a great way to show children where their food really comes from, why not let them take part in the murder too!? 

“I think there would be a lot more vegans/vegetarians if they did see the true realities!!”

The teacher’s move sparked fierce debate among parents (Photo: Facebook)
The teacher’s move sparked fierce debate among parents (Photo: Facebook)


But some users were in favor of the school showing children where food comes from.

Trisha Healy commended the teacher’s move: “Well done to the children and the school. Children need to understand the food chain. Impressive. 

“A brave school as you will always get a level of negativity with these such posts. Commendable.”

Facebook user Dave Huxley also wrote in support: “Great stuff – kids need to know that meat comes from real animals, not from a polystyrene tray in a supermarket. 

“Whether you agree with meat eating or not, at least give kids the facts and the choice.”

Teacher’s response

The teacher responsible defended the class, writing under the school’s name: “As the Home Economics teacher at Kingussie High School, I have read all the comments and although I personally do not agree with everyone I respect your views. 

“Our students are taught about all types of food and diets and they are given all the information available (from all viewpoints and organizations) to make personal choices based on educated decisions. I personally believe that our young people need to know where ALL their food comes from.

“I hasten to add my vegan [student] was not present and I value the choices and she has made. 

“Education is about information and choices.”

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