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The Guardian newspaper has been producing some exciting plant-based content recently, with an editorial comment taking a pro-vegan stance, and resident columnist George Monbiot explaining why eschewing animal products is the best way to save the planet.

Now the paper has analyzed the recent success of vegan enterprises – and asked the question: Is veganism big business?


The paper spoke to Emma Clifford, senior food and drink analyst at Mintel, a market research and analyst firm.

She claims: “Plant proteins have gained a lot of traction in the UK in recent years, thanks to their associations with naturalness and nutritious credentials.

“Vegan products in particular have moved into the focus of public attention, capturing the imagination of consumers on health-related as well as ethical and religious grounds.”


The article lists a number of vegan brands who have spoken through in recent times.

These include Vegan Tuck Box, Temple of Hackney, and BOSH! – all companies which have quickly garnered a striking following, though the founders have pointed out that the road to a profitable business is a long one.

Clifford concludes: “The plant-protein trend is still in its early stage with ripe opportunities for further development as it gathers momentum in the mainstream.”


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