Reading Time: < 1 minute Trump's probability of winning the award is only 6.7 percent (Photos edited by PBN)
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Prolific climate activist Greta Thunberg has outranked POTUS Donald Trump in the top 10 candidates for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

According to betting website, Thunberg currently holds a 25 percent possibility of winning – with Trump’s probability falling below seven percent.

The World Health Organization is the current favorite with a 28.6 percent probability of winning the near-one million dollar prize. Other candidates including Bill Gates, Black Lives Matter, and Moon Jae-in.

‘Obvious temptation’

Historian and author of The Nobel Peace Prize Asle Sveen told Reuters: “There is a relationship between environmental damage and our increasing problem with pandemics and I wonder whether the Nobel Peace Prize Committee might want to highlight that.”

He also said that there is an ‘obvious temptation’ of choosing Thunberg as the winner – and praised her environmental efforts, adding: “Not a single person has done more to get the world to focus on climate change than her.”

Thunberg was nominated for the award back in 2019 – but was beaten by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his work to ‘bring an end to a long-running border dispute between his country and neighboring Eritrea’.

This year’s winner of the Nobel Prize is set to be revealed on October 9

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