Abolitionist?Gary L. Francione Blasts 'Vile Vegan Posts' Celebrating Suicide Of Anthony Bourdain

Abolitionist?Gary L. Francione Blasts ‘Vile Vegan Posts’ Celebrating Suicide Of Anthony Bourdain


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The chef took his own life (Photo: Lwp Kommunikáció) - Media Credit:
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Abolitionist vegan Gary L. Francione has blasted vegans who have celebrated the suicide of chef and author Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain, 61, was best known for his food shows including A Cook’s Tour, and his bestselling non-fiction book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures In The Culinary Underbelly.

He was unpopular with vegans after describing the movement as ‘the Hezbollah-like faction of vegetarianism’ and showing himself killing animals onscreen. It is believed he softened his stance in recent years, saying he ‘respected’ people who ate only vegetables.


A number of vegans took to social media following the news of Bourdain’s suicide in order to celebrate his death. Now Francione has made a public post condemning these people.

He wrote: “I have seen a number of absolutely vile posts from people claiming to be vegans celebrating the death by suicide of Anthony Bourdain.

“Bourdain was no different from any other non-vegan. Those vegans who would celebrate the suicide of Bourdain but would not celebrate the suicide of their non-vegan relatives and friends are just misanthropic hypocrites.”


He added: “And some who claim to be Abolitionist are in this group. Sorry to rain on your parade of malice but Principle 6 involves a rejection of violence.. No Abolitionist should celebrate the death of anyone – including the death of someone who ended their life because of depression.

“Those people who are engaged in this conduct should be ashamed of themselves.

“But I guess I have been around long enough to know that many ‘animal people’ are incapable of shame. #anthonybourdain.”

If you are feeling suicidal, or need help and advice, in the US, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1-800-273-8255. Those in the UK can call the Samaritans on 116 123. Those in other countries can find information and contacts viaBefrienders Worldwide.

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