Journalist George Monbiot Brands Piers Morgan ‘Pathetic’ In Furious Vegan Showdown


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Monbiot's views on veganism have sparked controversy (Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV) - Media Credit:

Good Morning Britain TV host Piers Morgan has slammed plant-based columnist George Monbiot for wearing leather shoes and watch strap while advocating for veganism.

Monbiot was featured on the breakfast show today, where he campaigned for a vegan diet – but came under fire from Morgan, who billed his views as a ‘hypocrisy’.

The columnist made his appearance on the mainstream TV program following his recent article titled Goodbye – and good riddance – to livestock farming, which sparked fierce debate.


The plant-based journalist was asked about his watch strap by the talk show host when discussing whether people should be banned from eating meat.

Monbiot answered: “My watch strap is from the Wednesday market in the town where I live.

“Yes, it’s leather. It came from a cow, believe it or not, so did my shoes.”

He went on to say that he is not militant about veganism.

In response to the backlash, Monbiot has tweeted after the show: “Should have said on #goodmorningbritain that I bought watch strap and shoes before I went #vegan. 

“Hard to think when you’re being shouted at.”


Morgan argued: “You’re wearing cows’ carcasses on your wrist and your feet!

“You want to kill animals for your fancy watch… Some would call that ‘shameless hypocrisy’,” Piers screamed. 

Monbiot replied: “Oh, for God’s sake! Is this the level of debate? It is pathetic. You are pathetic.”


On the show, journalist Monbiot attempted to convince viewers to ditch animal products from their diets.

He said: “We look back to the past, and future generations will look back and one of the things they will look back at will be this. 

“It is one of the madnesses of our times, and I’m saying this will horrify our descendants.” 

Morgan went as far as to say: “I’ve never met a healthy looking vegan… You’re a bit pale and you’re really angry.”


Good Morning Britain polled its Twitter audience about veganism, saying: “Tomorrow we’ll be talking about whether cheap artificial meat is destroying the countryside.

“Would you go vegan to save the world?”

More than 4,450 individuals voted in the poll, with an astonishing 55 percent saying ‘No’.


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