Full-Page Ad In Daily Mirror Says: ‘Eat Clean: Eat Vegan’


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PETA's advert ran in a recent issue of the Daily Mirror - Media Credit:

A major U.K tabloid recently ran a full-page advert urging readers to ‘Eat Clean: Eat Vegan’.

Animal advocacy charity PETA, which placed the ad in the Daily Mirror, said it was a response to ‘the hypocrisy of several supermarket chains, which are reportedly refusing to stock chicken imported from the US that was washed in chlorine’.

Antibiotic misuse

The organization ran the notice – which it says was rejected by The Daily Telegraph for being too ‘severe’ for its readership – in a bid to highlight the ‘unsanitary conditions [chickens] are forced to live in’ on U.K factory farms.

PETA added that the birds ‘crammed into the UK’s filthy, waste-filled factory farms are pumped full of antibiotics in an effort to reduce incidences of disease’.

‘Connect the dots’

“We hope this ad will help people connect the dots and realise that wherever it originates, meat from all chickens is terrible for our health,” PETA senior campaigns manager, Kate Werner, said.

“In addition, every chicken breast or wing represents the pain and suffering of a gentle bird who was kept in abysmal conditions and violently killed.”

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