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Vegans in Scotland can now become freemasons after the Grand Lodge of Scotland changed a centuries-old tradition.

Members of the organization, which is 280 years old, traditionally wore lambskin aprons during rituals – as the lamb is symbolic for the freemasons, representing innocence and purity.

The United Grand Lodge of England – the freemason’s sister organization – has allowed alternatives to lambskin to be used for decades.


Now, a spokesperson for the Grand Lodge of Scotland has said that it will join the many lodges that use vinyl aprons in place of lambskin.

He added: “Please remember that it is symbolic and does not need to be real.”

Equality Act

“It is good to see that provision is being made for vegans in all areas of society,” said Sam Calvert, a spokesperson for the Vegan Society.

“This is in line with the Equality Act which says that people with protected beliefs – such as vegans – should not be discriminated against because of those beliefs.”