Reading Time: 2 minutes The Impossible Burger offers more food security than beef (Photo: Impossible Foods)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mainstream media outlet Forbes has published a feature highlighting the food security benefits of the plant-based Impossible Burger.

A $75 million dollar investment into the food tech startup by Singaporean sovereign wealth fund Temasek was the catalyst for the piece, which claims: “The ambitious startup is trying to change the paradigm of the global food system via one product – a burger.

“Sure, it is plant-based but it smells, cooks, tastes, and even bleeds like the real deal.” 


And the company is making moves forward.

According to the article: “Today, the faux ground beef can be found in 44 restaurants across the United States, and is expected to be in hundreds in the next few months.”


This growth has been made possible by investment, and as Forbes notes, some of that has come from Asia.

The article states: “Temasek is not the first Asian company to express interest in the meat substitute. One of Asia’s richest men, Li Ka-Shing, was also an early investor in Impossible Foods. 

“Series D funding came from UBS Wealth Management in Asia as well.”


And the reason for this Asian investment in the American product that is not yet available in Asia?

Because the burger requires fewer resources to create, it is a more sustainable food option.

Forbes states: “Production of Impossible burger patties require 95 per cent less land, a quarter of the water, and produces only an eighth of the greenhouse gases compared to regular beef patties, according to the company.”


Speaking about Temasek’s investment, David Lee, COO and CFO of Impossible Foods, added: “They’re strategically seeing the opportunity that serving sustainable food creates.” 

“The market we’re addressing is very relevant in particular for the emerging middle class and growing economies of Asia.”


Paul Ewing-Chow, Associate Director of public affairs at Temasek, told Forbes: “We look for opportunities to support growth across our portfolio.

“This includes technology pioneers and disruptors, and in the case of Impossible Foods – food security.”


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