Reading Time: 1 minute A worker beheads a sheep (Photo: Animal Equality)
Reading Time: 1 minute

An undercover investigation has revealed the mistreatment of sheep in a UK slaughterhouse.

The footage, filmed by Animal Equality at Farmers Fresh abattoir in Wrexham, north Wales, shows a sheep being beheaded after a bolt gun was used on the animal’s head.

In addition, the video – voiced by Plant Based News co-founder and director Robbie Lockie –  shows animals getting their limbs stuck in a conveyor belt, headless corpses being thrown onto these animals, and carcasses littering the floor of the facility.

According to Animal Equality, a Food Standards Agency inspector was present while much of the animal suffering took place.

‘Treated like commodities’

“These defenceless animals are treated like commodities, placed on a conveyor that delivers them to their death,” Abigail Penny, acting executive director of Animal Equality UK, said.

“Slaughterhouses are inherently unforgiving places and this systematic neglect – made all the worse by poorly designed equipment – causes even more distress for these terrified lambs and sheep.

“We demand justice for these vulnerable animals. The Food Standards Agency must take immediate action against Farmers Fresh Wales and their own officer who failed in his duties. If people want to stop supporting the suffering that takes place in slaughterhouses, it has never been easier to choose plant-based options instead of meat.”

Workers fired

According to Farmers Fresh, which took over the abattoir in January this year, the workers seen in the video have been fired.

An abattoir spokesperson told Mirror Online: “This was dealt with some months ago as soon as we were aware of it. The people were sacked straight away.”

Animal Equality has sent its findings to the Food Standards Agency, urging it to take enforcement action against Farmers Fresh.

*The headline of this article was updated on November 5. The word ‘live’ was removed.

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