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Netflix is being pressed to cut a scene from a new series after a whistleblower informed animal rights campaigners that a pig had been shot and killed for it.

The source alleges that the animal was butchered for director Nicolas Winding Refn’s upcoming Danish series, Drive.

PETA says it was informed of the alleged incident by an anonymous source.

Pig allegedly shot for Netflix scene

According to reports from the charity, a farmer who supplies live pigs to the show claimed that a live pig was to be killed specifically for the scene.

And, Copenhagen Zoo confirmed it received a dead pig from the production and that Danish police are investigating. This is because if the pig was killed, it may breach animal welfare legislation.

In Denmark, the law currently states: “Animals shall not be trained or used in shows, circus performances, film shootings. Or, if the animal thereby suffers significant discomfort.”

It prompted PETA to contact Netflix to cut the scene, in a letter sent to CEO of the streaming service, Reed Hastings.

“Taking a life of a sentient animal for a series is unacceptable,” Mimi Bekheci of PETA explained. “No animals should suffer or die for human entertainment,” she added.

Animals killed for film

Campaigners have long criticized production companies for animals deaths on set.

Some notable reports were classified as “unpreventable accidents,” such as the 2006 title Flicka which saw two horses killed after one broke their leg, and another their neck.

Other films have faced outrage following deaths due to how they were treated on set, however.

For example, The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey involved a staggering 27 deaths, Yahoo News reported. This included sheep and goats and the reasons cited for the fatalities were dehydration, exhaustion, and drowning.

Criticisms were far-reaching due to there involving large amounts of CGI technology already.

Netflix has been contacted by PBN for a comment on this story

PETA’s whistleblowing hotline can be reached at 001 323-210-2233

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