Film Review: Eating You Alive

Film Review: Eating You Alive


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The American medical system is excellent at treating the symptoms of disease and illness. The doctors are highly trained at dealing with the consequences of bad health. This is great, but what about the causes of it?

Through this excellent film many doctors share their personal experience at medical school. Their nutrition classes were almost non-existent. Simply put, many American doctors know very little about diet; they know very little about its consequences on health. Some that do raise their voices here; they call for a change in the current approach to medicine and recognise the need for a better education in regards to diet. What is the point in treating disease if the patient immediately carries on with the behaviour that caused the disease in the first place? It creates a cycle, a never ending cycle of ill health resulting in an early death.

“We are eating ourselves into out graves.”

Many people who have lost love ones to cancer or heart diseases share their personal stories through the documentary. The emotions are on the surface; they are raw and intense. It becomes even more powerful as they address an industry that has force fed their relatives lies and misinformation in return for profit. Their relatives were unhealthy. The consumption of animal products was something they considered normal, and the medical treatment they received was standard procedure. In a culture where people are constantly bombarded with advertisement and false information about the so called benefits of animal based diets, people are confused and unaware of what healthy eating actually is. They cannot escape the industry, and become addicted to the convenience of it. Many thought their illnesses were simply heredity and therefore unavoidable. They carried on with their poisonous diets and died young.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, recognises the cancer causing effects of animal proteins and combines his voice with that of the other medical practitioners, adding even more weight to these arguments. But his name is not the most recognisable here. The actor Samuel L. Jackson also recounts his personal experience with healthy eating. He had pains in his thigh and general fatigue; he began to reverse the effects by adopting a healthy plant based diet, and he has become one of the biggest advocators of this documentary. His voice is also joined by that of athletes who, just in themselves, debunk the protein myth associated with a plant based diet. In just hours over two hours we see numerous success stories that speak for themselves.

Vegans: share this film on your social media pages and tell your friends, this is an effective and informative piece of cinematography. Once the facts start coming, it is impossible to ignore their distinct logic. The director, Paul David Kennamer Jr, has done a fine job at putting this together. Individual case studies, all of which are very personal to those telling them, really help to bring the importance of this to the everyday, to the everyday lives of everyone. I recommend this highly.

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