Reading Time: < 1 minute The thought-provoking film depicts the brutality of slaughterhouses (Photo: Stretch Films)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A short film about the horrors of slaughterhouses has been shared by animal rights charity PETA on its YouTube channel – who has placed the film’s imagery alongside imagery from real abattoirs.

The 2016 film, called Holocaust – a realistic look into Slaughterhouses, shows a brutal reimagining of what would happen if humans were killed in slaughterhouses instead of animals.

PETA says: “In this short film we see what would happen if the tables were turned, and it’s all based on abuse documented on real-life farms and slaughterhouses.”


In PETA’s version, the charity has spliced real-life footage from slaughterhouses alongside the brutal footage from the short film.

“The side-by-side footage shows just how realistic the film is,” the charity says. “People were dragged, kicked, and strung up.

“All the meat in stores comes from bloody, violent slaughterhouses.”

PETA spliced the film with real-life footage


According to the production company, Stretch Films: “This film shows the barbarity of the ‘humane’ abattoirs around the UK.

“It flips the situation around showing what it would be like to be in a slaughterhouse yourself and makes us ask the question ‘why is this okay?’.

“Slaughterhouses around the world are cruel and unnecessary and something needs to be done to stop the suffering of billions of animals every year.”

You canwatch the film hereandPETA’s version here

Maria Chiorando

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