Reading Time: < 1 minute The anonymous man reportedly can't tell his farming family that he's gone vegan (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
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A farmer’s son has gone vegan but has not yet told his family, according to an article in the Irish Examiner.

The piece, which examines how and why veganism is growing, says the man in question allowed the reporter to tell the story on the proviso that he could remain anonymous.

The vegan says the criticism (described in the paper as ‘slagging’) he’d get from his parents if they found out would be ‘desperate’.

Going vegan

“His family owns a farm in rural Ireland which is home to a herd of cows and some chicken coops,” the article says about the unnamed man.

“He worked that farm as a youngster fuelled by black pudding and fried egg sandwiches for breakfast and pork chops, mincemeat, and chicken twice a week followed the obligatory Sunday roast dinner.

“No meatless Mondays in this household. On his cornflakes at night was cow’s milk and on his mince pies at Christmas was a healthy dollop of whipped cream. Typical Irish fare.”

Farming family to vegan

Making the long journey from being part of a farming family to being vegan is very difficult, according to another person who’s has done it.

Writing for Plant Based News, Sabrina Lee shared her experience. “I have to live with the cognitive dissonance of loving my family and family friends – and knowing what they do is wrong, but accepted as normal by the majority of people in this country,” she explained.

“I deeply hope that one day this torturous, unprofitable, and declining industry will be a thing of the past. And I hope that one day, our farm can become a sanctuary where animals can live free from fear and harm for as long as they live.”

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