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A 68-year-old dairy farmer has met an untimely death in
Upstate New York, after being gored by a bull on his farm.


The bull reportedly gored Eugene Wolfert multiple times while
he appears to have been feeding cattle.

According to police, emergency responders arrived to Wolfert’s
home early Tuesday morning.

County Sheriff Richard J. Devlin, Jr. said: “When the EMS
crews arrived, death was obvious, so at that point the coroner was contacted.”


Devlin described human-animal accidents as an ‘occupational
hazard’ of the animal agriculture industry.

He added: “We’ve had instances in the past where people have
been attacked by aggressive farm animals, but as far as deaths, I don’t recall
any specific instances.”

Despite this being the animal’s first sign of aggression, he
has since been euthanized.