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A young farmer who talked to the BBC about receiving death threats from vegans has now said she hasn’t had threats made ‘specifically’ to her.

Speaking to the Victoria Derbyshire show last week, Alison Waugh, said: “You do get death threats…and that’s quite ironic coming from people that want peace for animals.”

The BBC published the video under the title Farmers ‘sent death threats by vegan activists’.

According to The Independent: “Alison Waugh, a trainee farmer in Northumberland, said she had received notes telling her and her family to ‘go die’ from animal rights activists.”


Waugh’s claims led to a slew of media coverage, condemning the alleged threats from ‘militant vegans’.

A number of UK newspapers covered stories about vegans threatening farmers.


Now in an article published today, Waugh said she hasn’t received death threats.

She told The Express: “I’ve not had people making specific death threats towards me but I certainly know people who have received really horrible threats just for being farmers.

“And these are coming from people who supposedly care about animals.”

Activist Joey Carbstrong has been accused of being ‘militant’


According to activist and writer The Vegan Punk, Waugh’s claims played ‘a fundamental role in launching the wave of stories which made very serious allegations about vegan activists without providing a single piece of evidence’.

They added: “I wonder whether the BBC and other publications will amend their stories to make it clear that Waugh now admits she has not received any death threats? Somehow I doubt it.

“We need to remain vigilant and treat such claims with extreme scepticism. Those with a vested interest in exploiting animals are feeling very threatened by the growing vegan movement.” 

This story was originally reported by The Vegan Punk. You canread it here

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