EXCLUSIVE: Isreal’s First Pro-Vegan T.V Advert Reaches 35% Of Population


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A man holds up a live lamb at a butchers counter, as part of the Vegan Friendly viral advert which first screened in Israel last year The advert secured millions of views on social media alone - Media Credit: Supplied to Plant Based News

A new pro-vegan television advert – Israel’s first – has reached 35 percent of the nation’s population, Plant Based News can reveal, by being broadcast during one of the country’s most popular T.V shows.

The advert was created by Vegan Friendly – an international non-profit organization that seeks to end animal suffering and tackle the climate crisis by promoting plant-based food – a mission it has committed to ‘working tirelessly’ towards.

The advert

Vegan Friendly revealed to PBN that it has been ‘working vigorously for the past three months to produce the first Israeli commercial about veganism’.

The organization wanted to ensure that the time and money invested in the project made the maximum impact, and so set itself the goal of broadcasting the commercial during the current season finale of Survivor Israel. This is because the season received the highest viewing ratings of any other current T.V series and the highest ratings in Survivor Israel’s history. 

This meant that booking a slot during the ‘golden break’ of the final episode would meet Vegan Friendly’s goal in exposing one out of three Israelis to the vegan message.

Vegan advert

The ad shows a couple shopping in a supermarket. They want to buy lamb meat but forgo the fridge in favor of getting ‘extra fresh’ meat from the butcher’s counter.

After emphasizing how fresh they want the meat to be, the couple is handed a living lamb. Holding the baby animal, the woman is shocked, as the commercial ends with the message ‘make the connection’.

Talking about compassion

Vegan Friendly Founder and CEO Omri Paz told PBN that the advert is expected to reach over 3 million people, which is about 35 percent of the population in Israel.

“After so many years seeing commercials of animal products, it is exciting to see for a change a vegan commercial that talks about compassion for animals on the most popular show in the country,” he added.

The advert was produced thanks to Vegan Friendly’s Vegan Active members – a donor membership club that provides members with discounts and benefits in more than 1,500 businesses in Israel in return for their support.

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