Reading Time: 2 minutes The self-described 'hardcore vegan' went back to eating animals
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A former ‘hardcore’ vegan has gone back to eating animal products following a series of meat dreams.

New York-based Anna Monette Roberts, a 19-year-old who was vegan for two years, has revealed that she followed a holistic nutrition expert’s advice to listen to her subconscious and revert to eating meat.

Roberts told media outlet Food Envy: “I started dreaming of steak. I mean, x-rated, slow-mo, sizzling food-porn dreams.”


Discussing her issues with the vegan diet, Roberts said that she was hungry all the time.

“My weight (and energy) were at all-time lows, yet I attributed it to my busy schedule and the rigor of city life,” she said. “The only thing I couldn’t handle was the hunger.”

“Sure, being vegan, I felt my stomach grumble every couple of hours, though, in New York, I felt painfully hungry constantly.”


She went on to talk about her dreams: “I started dreaming of steak. I mean, x-rated, slow-mo, sizzling food-porn dreams. 

“I’d wake up in a panic and run to the kitchen to stuff myself with spoonfuls of peanut butter, pea protein powder smoothies, and leftover lentils.”

Seeking the help of an expert in holistic nutrition, Roberts was advised to give in to her cravings.

Her nutritionist told her: “If your body is trying to tell you on a subconscious level that it needs the nutrients from a steak, then listen to it.”

Roberts also confessed that her ‘carnivorous instincts kicked in’ when she was invited to a farm to learn how to slaughter chickens – an act which, the article says, ‘begrudgingly excited’ her, despite choosing not to go.

Eating animals

Roberts started eating meat again at New Year’s. 

She recalls: “A lot of people claim that going back to meat can be upsetting on the stomach, but I didn’t have a single problem. 

“The same went for returning to dairy.”


After she gave up the plant-based diet, she ‘became aware of how enraged and difficult [she] was’.

“Over the past few years, I didn’t have much compassion toward fellow humans, and I blamed them for factory farming and their lack of consciousness. 

“I demanded that my friends and family go to vegan restaurants and questioned them for their eating habits constantly.”


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