Reading Time: < 1 minute Bob Comis in The Last Pig (Photo: The Last Pig)
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Animal-interest film The Last Pig tells the story of pig farmer Bob Comis through his last year of farming, showing how he is affected by the guilt of sending animals to slaughter.

In this interview with Plant Based News’ Co-founder Robbie Lockie, Director Allison Argo talks about her relationship with animals, life as a filmmaker, and why she chose to make this particular movie.

Argo says: “The Last Pig is my first film that deals with farmed animals, you know, non-humans who are caught in the farming industry.”

PBN interviews Allison Argo

Crisis of conscience

She adds: “I’ve long been concerned about their plight, but I didn’t necessarily feel like the world needed more undercover footage, so I hadn’t figured out how to make a film.

“I wanted to make a film that would be accessible and not repugnant, that wouldn’t scare away a broader audience, and could maybe pull in a broader audience to consider the plight of non-human animals in the farming industry.

“A friend of mine sent me a link to some pieces written by Bob Comis. Within two sentences I was in tears as he was so open about his crisis of conscience – he had grown to love pigs, but was taking them to the slaughterhouse…it is just one person’s story…it just asks the viewer to give themselves to this story and just go on this journey.”

You canwatch the full interview on YouTube hereandlisten to it on Soundcloud here

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