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Europe’s biggest conference on plant-based nutrition in science is taking place online at the end of this month, featuring key researchers and doctors.

As part of VegMed, more than 50 speakers will cover topics such as planetary health, childhood nutrition, and plant-based medicine for chronic diseases.


The three-day event is held for medical professionals and students. Its aim is to give them insights from leading scientists with a view to improving nutrition in the healthcare system.

The first day uncovered the latest findings in plant-based medicine, with a focus on climate change and the emergence of zoonotic diseases. In addition, day two offers discussions and workshops on plant-based diets in hospitals.

Lastly, the conference dives into the ‘lack’ of nutritional education in contemporary medical schools. Participants will be able to take part in Q&A sessions and connect with peers.

Plant-based nutrition to aid the healthcare system

The conference will delve into zoonotic diseases

Panelists include Professors Andreas Michalsen, Markus Keller, Bernhard Watzl, as well as doctors Jennifer Trilk and Shireen Kassam.

Co-organizer Dr. Christian Kebler, said: “VegMed shows how closely many pressing problems in our health and nutrition system are interwoven.

“It connects interdisciplinary experts with one another in order to tackle these challenges together.”

The event is taking place between February 28 and March 2.

To sign up, click here.

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