EXCLUSIVE: 24 Experts To Share Latest Plant-Based Advice At FREE Online Summit


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A young asian woman reaches for some vegetables in a supermarket. She is holding a lettuce. Most people are unaware of their potential to live healthier lives. The Food Revolution Summit empowers people to make a difference. - Media Credit:

Leading experts in the plant-based sphere are sharing their boundless knowledge in a free online event, The Food Revolution Summit.

Now in its 10th year, the summit sees 24 iconic experts speak over nine days – commencing April 24. 

During this, they will delve into how to ‘optimize’ a host of health challenges with healthy nutrition. This includes immunity, mental health, and battling chronic illness.

Talking to Plant Based News, President of Food Revolution Network John Robbins said: “We [Plant Based News and Food Revolution Network] are sister organizations. If you sign up, you will have the opportunity to hear from 25 of the world’s leading experts!”

The Food Revolution Summit

Speakers include leading plant-based medic, Dr. Michael Greger, MD. He is set to speak on how your food choices impact your body’s ‘resiliency’ with regard to COVID-19.

Also returning this year is Dr. Neal Barnard, MD. A key figure in medical research, he will discuss the links between health and hormones, from PMS symptoms to depression.

The interviews are conducted by best-selling author John Robbins and presented by Ocean Robbins – the network’s CEO.

Moreover, the summit gives you access to a host of handbooks, including Smart Immunity: How Diet And Lifestyle Can Help You Stay Healthy In The Pandemic And Beyond, Heart Food, Brain Food, And Eat To Defeat Cancer.

 ‘Cancer-kicking superfoods’

Additionally, breast cancer surgeon Kristi Funk MD will speak about ‘cancer-kicking superfoods’, and Dr. Will Bulsiewicz on achieving a healthy gut.

But it’s not just medical experts on the panel. This year features plant-based politician Eric Adams, who will speak about his experiences reversing type two diabetes, as well as how to increase nutritional education in low-income areas.

Other experts include journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell, Dr. Dean Ornish, and yoga teacher Koya Webb. Also on the panel are doctors Aysha Akhtar, Joel Fuhrman, Mimi Guarneri, David Perlmutter, Milton Mills, and activist and author Haile Thomas.

Each speaker will be interviewed over 45 minutes, which will be broadcasted free of charge.

25 of the world’s leading minds in the plant-based world are talking at this years Food Revolution Summit.

‘Toxic food culture’

According to President, John Robbins: “When it comes to food and your health, the stakes are rising exponentially. Every day there’s a news story in the headlines to illustrate how imperative it is to take care of your health.

“If there’s ever been a time when we need to stay informed and healthy, it’s right now.

“The world is facing some big challenges, with global health concerns, and widespread fear. The truth is eating healthfully and optimizing your immune system may be more important now than ever.

“But we live in a toxic food culture. Junk food companies spend billions of dollars trying to keep us hooked. And, in all their years of medical school, most doctors learn next-to-nothing about food or nutrition.”

The summit takes place between April 24 and May 2

You can find out more about The Food Revolution Summit and sign up here

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