Reading Time: < 1 minute AVS has confirmed more than 20 Black vegan speakers for the event, including Dr. Milton Mills Credit: YouTube
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The Afro-Vegan Society (AVS) will celebrate Black History Month with Veguary – a series of free online programs. 

The service aims to highlight the contributions of Black trailblazers, as well as the ‘many benefits of vegan living in Black communities. 

Moreover, it promotes a month-long pledge to commit to vegan living during February. 

Afro-Vegan Society

In a statement sent to PBN, AVS says it ‘will provide resources, support, and community to those who take the Veguary Pledge’. 

These resources include vegan recipes, online cooking demonstrations, virtual education sessions and panels, daily email updates, live Q&A sessions, exclusive prizes and discounts from vegan brands, and interactive check-ins through our Veguary Facebook group.

Dr. Milton Mills

So far, AVS has confirmed more than 20 Black vegan speakers for the event. These include Olympic athlete Seba Johnson and renowned physician Dr. Milton Mills.

Celebrity chef Rain Truth, and What The Health star Dr. Ruby Lathon have also been confirmed. 

The programs will cover topics such as: transitioning to vegan living, the legacy of plant-based traditions in Black communities, plant-based health, and wellness.

It will also explore: making plant foods accessible in marginalized communities and the global and environmental impact of food. Moreover, it shows how ‘veganism is a part of a holistic world view to resisting oppression in all of its forms’.

You can take the Veguary pledge and learn more about the Afro-Vegan Society here

Liam Giliver

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