Animal Rights Activist Fools Newsmax By Posing As Tyson Foods CEO


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Animal rights activist fools Newsmax by pretending to be Tyson Foods CEO Hosts welcomed Donnie King of Tyson Foods, but were actually met with Matt Johnson - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission

A vegan animal rights activist fooled the major US news channel, Newsmax, by posing as the CEO of meat giant Tyson Foods.

Presenters invited Donnie King in a segment on inflation but were left unaware that they were, in fact, interviewing Matt Johnson of animal advocacy organization Direct Action Everywhere

Activist fools Newsmax

The segment was about inflation in the US. Presenters claim POTUS Joe Biden was ‘blaming’ his ‘disastrous’ jobs report on unvaccinated Americans. They claim the figures are a result of ‘paying people not to work’ and ‘scaring’ them about COVID-19. As the ‘broken’ economy is on a ‘sugar-high’, they add, inflation is expected.

As host Tom Basile comes to introduce Donnie King, activist Johnson appears in the interview instead.

Basile asks: “Costs are up for your company, 14 percent in the third quarter. Talk to us about how you have been impacted by the inflation and the market forces that you’ve seen.”

‘We’re doing all we can to keep costs down’ Johnson replies, in posing as King.

Matt Johnson fools news hosts by pretending to be the CEO of the US meat giant

Tyson Foods

Additionally, he goes on to highlight the huge outbreaks of COVID-19 reported at meat-packing facilities across the country last year.

Moreover, he explains to viewers how one of Tyson Foods’ suppliers elicited a ‘ventilation shutdown’ last year on some of its farms.

He alleges Iowa Select Farms shut thousands of pigs into industrial sheds. Moreover, they ‘pumped heat and steam’ into the sheds, he says. In doing this, he claims they ‘roasted’ the animals alive.

The company is one of the largest of its kinds in Iowa. And, it is frequently called out by activists who claim it mistreats animals while chasing cheap prices.

Johnson goes on to explain how the man who recovered this information and published a video about it is in fact facing a prison sentence.

The changing image of vegans, in particular how they’re depicted in the media is clear in these key moments

Upon revealing the information, which is actually about himself, he holds a news report with a photograph of his own face up to the screen.

He says: “When people expose what’s happening on farms, US government defines that as terrorism. And if you want to know the face of terrorism right now it’s Matt Johnson.”

PBN has contacted Tyson Foods to comment on this

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