Protesters Occupy McDonald's As Chain Urged To Go Plant-Based

Protesters Occupy London McDonald’s Outlets As Chain Urged To Go Plant-Based


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Animal Rebellion protestors held sit-ins in London McDonald's outlets to demand the chain go plant-based It came after Animal Rebellion declared protests last week were 'just the beginning' - Media Credit: Instagram
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McDonald’s has taken a hit in the UK this past week after a series of protests at its four distribution centers resulted in menu shortages nationwide.

Now, Animal Rebellion’s latest action has caused several of the fast-food chain’s restaurants to shut down seating areas.

McDonald’s protest

A sit-in protest took place on Sunday, May 30, in the bustling West End in Central London. Branded a ‘Mc-sit-in’, the action involved protestors gathering to eat vegan packed lunches together.

As a result, Animal Rebellion confirmed ‘all’ outlets in the area closed down indoor seating. They branded it ‘McSelf Destruction’.

Animal Rebellion documented the protest on social media

At the time of writing, protestors revealed they had occupied ‘almost all’ outdoor seating in Leicester Square.

In a statement on Instagram, the group added: “Rebels have taken to McDonalds restaurants in London for our McSit-in! We are letting McDonalds know that last weeks distribution centre blockade was just the beginning!

“We will continue to disrupt business as usual for them until we get to speak to the CEO and our demands are met!”


The group, which is run in solidarity with Extinction Rebellion, put a call out on Twitter for protestors to join them in occupying the store.

Their plan was to ‘carry out sit-ins’ and ‘calmly’ sit down with a vegan pack-lunch together.

‘Grab some friends, read the action plan, have a non-violence practice, and head out to a Maccas near you!’, they announced online.

Animal Rebellion blockade

Last weekend, campaigners put up a blockade and disrupted McDonald’s supply chain. Moreover, it resulted in 14 alleged arrests.

Animal Rebellion demands the fast-food giant abandon animal agriculture and go 100 percent plant-based by 2025.

Additionally, Animal Rebellion accuses the chain of being involved in deforestation.

Nick More is a Renewable Energy Developer and member of Amazon Rebellion, another branch of Extinction Rebellion.

More said: “McDonald’s and the wider animal agriculture industry is clearly responsible for huge levels of deforestation in the Amazon Basin and wider Pantanal region. 

“Despite their apparent greenwashing, there is no transparency in their supply chain or independent audit sufficient to support their claims that they are not a driver of deforestation. “

You can find out more about Animal Rebellion here

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