Prince Charles 'Prince Charles must remove these cruel contraptions from Sandringham immediately' - Media Credit: Arnaud Bouissou

Prince Charles Under Fire For Using ‘Cruel’ Snare Traps On Sandringham Estate

'Prince Charles must remove these cruel contraptions from Sandringham immediately – it’s what the British public wants'


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Prince Charles is receiving backlash for using ‘cruel’ snare traps on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. 

According to reports, a pet dog called Nell got caught in the snare and was trapped for two hours. The Independent states ‘temperatures plummeted to below freezing’ while the dog was trapped. However, Nell did survive.

Prince Charles: ‘Remove these cruel contraptions’

Now, vegan charity PETA is urging the royal figure to ban the animal-maiming deceives ‘immediately’. 

Kate Werner is PETA’s Senior Campaigns Manager. In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “Snares can cause wildlife a painful death and are completely indiscriminate: dogs, cats, and protected species are also often victims of these barbaric devices.

“Prince Charles must remove these cruel contraptions from Sandringham immediately – it’s what the British public wants and what animals deserve.”

‘The polluter should pay’

Last month, Prince Charles slammed the beef industry for its ‘overuse of antibiotics’. 

“The reason I was drawn to organic farming was mounting concern about what I saw as the overuse of artificial chemicals and fertilizer made from fossil fuels, the overuse of antibiotics, the overuse of growth-promoting hormones in beef production etc,” the Duke of Cornwall said.

“You have to remember that nature is not a monoculture, it is based on immense diversity. So all these things made me feel that it would end up in tears if it went too far, and that there would be no tomorrow.”

Prince Charles also said that farming in ‘this overt, excessive, conventional way’ is damaging our ecosystems and driving pollution. 

“That’s why I’ve always felt that the polluter should pay,” he then added. “If you introduced a polluter pay system, it would instantly start to get us onto the right track, let’s put it that way.”

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