Pig Farm Shut Down After Investigation Uncovers ‘Serious’ Public Health Risk


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A pig farm has been shut down following a Viva! investigation that uncovered a 'serious' risk to public health Winterbrook Farm Partners supply a host of British supermarkets - Media Credit: Viva!

A pig farm supplying UK supermarket giant Morrisons has been shut down after an investigation uncovered a ‘serious’ health risk to the public.

Leading vegan charity, Viva! is behind the shocking discovery that also saw ‘disturbing’ examples of animal cruelty.

Moreover, the farm was certified by The Red Tractor, a scheme assuring ‘rigorous’ safety standards.

Pig farm shut down

Following investigations filmed at two farms in 2020, a large breeding facility has been closed. The site, Calvesley Farm in Berkshire, housed hundreds of female pigs.

According to Viva!, it produced an average of 400 piglets a week.

It’s run by Winterbrook Farm Partners, who supply an array of British supermarkets including Morrisons.

The footage depicts cramped conditions and corpses strewn across the grounds. Viva! claim this poses a ‘serious public health risk’.

Video reveals then and now

New footage depicts the facility, which is now empty

‘End factory farming before it ends us’

Upon watching the footage, landowners Yatterdown Estates evicted the farm.

Moreover, Red Tractor stated it was ‘very disappointed’ by the footage on the pig farm – which also showed workers brutally killing young piglets.

The company said: “Protecting animal health and welfare is one of our top priorities. Red Tractor requires all members to meet every standard, every day, and take any allegations of breaches seriously.”

Lex Rigby is Head of Investigations at Viva!.

She said: “Now, more than ever we need to seriously reconsider the catastrophic impacts of intensively farming animals and end factory farming before it ends us. 

“Veganism is on the rise and delicious alternatives to cruel meat, fish, dairy, and eggs exist in all major supermarkets – never has it been easier to choose plant-based.”


Factory farming and meat markers have been blamed for COVID-19 outbreak concerns

The way animals are farmed and slaughtered has been at the forefront of debate since the emergence of COVID-19.

It came after outbreaks of the deadly virus were frequently reported in farms and slaughterhouses worldwide.

Scientists confirm the origin of the deadly virus is most likely from a wet market in Wuhan – where live and dead animals are sold in close proximity. As a result, the United Nations is being urged to ban wet markets across the globe.

Additionally, vegan charities are calling for facilities that keep animals in confined conditions to be closed. Viva! even urged the UK government to close slaughterhouses for good.

This is both in a bid to protect public health and end animal suffering.

You can find out more about Viva! here

Morrisons confirmed Winterbrook Farm Partners is no longer one of its suppliers

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