McDonald’s Protest: Menu Shortages Reported Across The UK And Arrests Made


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Animal Rebellion shut down McDonald's distribution centers, and some protestors have been arrested - but not without the chain reporting food shortages The protest began in the early hours of Saturday morning - Media Credit: Instagram

Last weekend, around 100 Animal Rebellion campaigners held a protest: successfully shutting down the four distribution centers supplying UK Mcdonald’s chains across the country.

So far, it’s led to national shortages at the fast-food chain: in line with the protesters’ demand that it go completely plant-based by 2025.

However, police have since arrested 14 of the animal rights advocates, according to The Telegraph.

Animal Rebellion’s protest at McDonald’s

The advocates constructed giant structures at the centers in Basingstoke, Coventry, Hemel Hempstead, and Heywood.

This was part of an act of non-violent civil obedience to protest the chain’s mammoth meat sales.

‘McDonald’s is one of the biggest symbols of the animal agriculture industry which as we know is destroying the planet’, one of the protestors proclaimed.

“This is direct action and it doesn’t end today. Keep the momentum up, let’s think big and brainstorm”

Animal Rebellion

Some of the arrests made were on suspicion of criminal damage, aggravated trespass, and intimidating behavior – The Telegraph reports.

However, the group revealed on its Twitter account that the ‘rebels’ have now been released.

In a tweet, they said: “This is direct action and it doesn’t end today. Keep the momentum up, let’s think big and brainstorm.”

According to HertsLive, six of the arrested protestors will appear at St Alban’s Magistrates Court in July.

Another report revealed a handful of protestors will appear in court in Basingstoke next month.

Animal Rebellion is urging McDonald’s to go plant-based by 2025

National shortages at McDonald’s

Following the country-wide action over the weekend, McDonald’s is experiencing shortages in some of its restaurants.

Animal Rebellion shared an image of a sign, which appears to be from one of the chain’s restaurants.

It reads: “We are temporarily experiencing a shortage of some ingredients. Consequently, some menu items might be temporarily unavailable or ingredients may be missing. 

“We apologize in advance to any customers impacted and thank you for your patience.”

Moreover, ‘this is only the beginning’, the group – which is connected to Extinction Rebellion – claims.

McDonalds reported ingredients shortages, as a result of the blockades

McDonald’s urged to go plant-based

Moreover, Animal Rebellion accuses McDonald’s of contributing to deforestation.

This is due to its involvement in selling huge quantities of meat, contributing to the figures linking animal agriculture to hikes in greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, the group is critical that Mcdonald’s is ‘lagging behind’ other renowned chains.

They include Wagamama, which announced it would slash its meat offerings by 50 percent within a year.

Animal Rebellion petition

The primary focus of the protest is to convince the chain to go entirely plant-based in order to tackle the climate crisis.

As a result, Animal Rebellion launched a petition – and says they ‘won’t stop’ until McDonald’s commits to its call.

It reads: “In order to prevent habitat destruction, climate change, animal suffering, human suffering, and future pandemics we must transition to a just, sustainable plant-based food system.

“We are calling on Mcdonald’s to lead the way by pledging to transition to a fully plant-based menu by 2025.”

At the time of writing, the petition garnered 3,283 signatures – a fraction away from its 5,000 goal.

You can sign the Animal Rebellion petition here

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