World Animal Protection has launched a factory farm playset for Christmas The charity describes it 'the worst toy in the world' - Media Credit: Adobe

Why This Company Has Launched A Haunting Factory Farm Playset For Christmas


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A company has launched a factory farm playset for children as a Christmas gift. This is with a view to highlighting “the horrors of intensive farming,” that “no child would want to unwrap.”

Leading animal welfare charity World Animal Protection is behind the haunting gift.

It comes as the organization expects many dinner tables to be adorned with large amounts of meat from factory farms over the festive period.

Factory farm playset

In creating “the worst toy in the world,” World Animal Protection hopes to raise awareness on how 70 percent of the UK’s farmed animals spend their lives.

The set depicts cramped and “unnatural” living conditions where animals are deprived of outdoor space to roam around.

In conjunction with its creation, the charity conducted a social experiment with four children aged between five and six.

Each child was asked to describe what they thought farms were like. And, what living conditions they thought animals needed in order to be happy.

But when they were presented with the factory farming set, World Animal Protection described their reactions as frustrated and confused.

Children were asked what conditions they thought animals needed to be happy (Credit: Supplied)

Intensive farming

Lindsay Duncan, UK campaigns manager for the charity, said: “From the earliest age, we are presented with an idealized view of farming and the places where our festive food comes from. 

“Children – like many adults – may not have a grasp on the realities of factory farming, but they do have a clear sense of right and wrong.

“We wouldn’t want our kids playing with a toy where animals are clearly unhappy and badly treated.

“So, why would we want them to eat cheap meat products made from animals reared on these intensive farms?”

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6 months ago

Thanks for reporting this story, Emily. I wonder, though, who’s going to buy this toy? Vegan parents for their children’s classrooms or for the children in the non-vegan family next-door?

It seems more like a public statement or stunt rather than an actual marketable toy. I wish the co. would do a public service ad to reach up to millions of non-vegan viewers. That could effectively persuade a lot more folks, imo.

Plant Based News Moderator
Plant Based News Moderator
6 months ago
Reply to  t.conway1

Thanks for your comment and kind words.

It is a campaign, so the toy is not available to purchase, as you thought!

6 months ago

p.s.– the body language and look on that little girl’s face is priceless!

6 months ago

where do i get this?

Plant Based News Moderator
Plant Based News Moderator
6 months ago
Reply to  Mary

Hi Mary,

It is a campaign, so the toy is not available to purchase. You can find out more about the campaign here –

5 months ago

Living, thinking, fearing non-human animals are not emotionless, non-thinking objects

I had hoped there was a way to expose the horrors of abuse at factory farms, and how sad it was that existence was their “life.” Not the one intended for these animals. Not just being a cow or a pig or a chicken, but as products for men to make money off. That is the sole purpose of their existence.

No one will look at my posts if they show anything ugly or horrible because that bothers people. But that SURPRISE 10 second truth would surely shock some people into changing their lifestyles. That is what I did. I saw a few seconds only of brutal and cruel beatings of a cow on their way to be slaughtered. The cow was crying and dragging themselves. The men had no empathy, no compassion. They beat her all the way to the coral of death, where she slipped on the blood of her murdered co-habitant. I was stunned. I became a vegetarian that day, and a vegan a few weeks later. I could not unsee what I had seen, and I couldn’t do NOTHING about it. If people just SAW the truth and their contribution to the biggest animal abuse ring. Legally.