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Almost 40 percent of vegetarian and vegan Brits opted for the lifestyle for a partner, according to a new poll.

Commissioned by Fry’s Family Food Co., pollsters quizzed 2,000 meat-free adults, and found out that the impact others have on whether or not people eat animals is significant.

Going vegan for a partner?

The poll found that 18 percent of respondents ditched meat or animal products to keep their partner happy, and a further 19 percent made the switch to provide support to their partner. Significantly, 33 percent said they would never have considered ditching meat without the encouragement of their partner.

As well as being influenced by their other halves, respondents have made the switch because of their children (16 percent) and their friends (19 percent).

A massive 53 percent of people said they feel ‘healthier and more energetic’ since going plant-based diet, and 80 percent said making the switch was easier than they thought it would be.

Fry’s makes a range of vegan meat alternatives (Photo: Fry’s)

‘Never been easier’

“Our research shows that when it comes to trying out a plant-based diet, encouragement from partners, family and friends can be really helpful,” said Tammy Fry of The Fry Family Food Co which commissioned the poll.

“Whether it’s sharing experiences, advice or handy meal tips, talking to loved ones about the benefits of swapping to a meat-free diet can go a long way in encouraging others to reduce their meat or dairy consumption.

“When it comes to taking steps towards a meat-free diet, it doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’ – you can simply start by making easy swaps once or twice a week. It’s never been easier to introduce meat-free options into your diet, without compromising the taste or quality of your meal.”

Maria Chiorando

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