Plant-Based Pensioners: 'Older People Can Be Vegan Too. You Won't Regret It' - Plant Based News

Plant-Based Pensioners: ‘Older People Can Be Vegan Too. You Won’t Regret It’

By seeing people who are fit, healthy, and articulate, we hope everyone will see that veganism doesn’t have an age limit and is for everybody.


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'Older people can be vegan, too'
‘Older people can be vegan, too’

Three vegan pensioners have revealed why age is no barrier to ditching animal products.

Michael, Sara, and Rosemary – who are all in their 70s – star in a video created by advocacy organization Animal Aid in celebration of National Older Veg*ans Day on October 1.

The video aims to dispel some of the common myths behind veganism; including that it is just for young people or that a plant-based diet isn’t healthy in the long-term.

‘Not just for young people’

Sara, a vegan of 37-years, says in the video: “It is amazing how you will never regret being a vegan, you’ll just wish you’d done it sooner.”

Retired police officer Michael, who initially ditched meat after learning about the veal trade, before eventually going vegan, adds: “You’ve got an awful lot to gain, but you’ve got nothing to lose.”

Personal trainer Rosemary highlights how veganism isn’t just for the young, saying: “I don’t see why it should be different depending on your age group, older people can be vegan, too.”

‘Veganism doesn’t have an age limit’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Animal Aid campaign manager Tod Bradbury said: “These three inspirational people dispel the misconception that veganism is a virtue of the young.

“By seeing these three people who are fit, healthy, and articulate talk about their journey to becoming vegan and how it has had a positive impact on their life, we hope that everyone will see that veganism doesn’t have an age limit and is for everybody.

“According to some of the world’s most recognized health authorities, a plant-based diet is healthy for people of all ages. As well as this, it is much better for the planet and, of course, it is the best thing one can do to reduce animal suffering.”

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