Reading Time: < 1 minute Farm Sanctuary thanked Billie Eilish and her family for attending the rescue center Credit: Instagram
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Celebrity singer-songwriter Billie Eilish and her parents recently attended vegan rescue center Farm Sanctuary.

The non-profit posted a picture of the star cuddling a rescued turkey.

‘Turkeys are sentient’

“It was an honor hosting Billie Eilish, Maggie Baird, and Patrick O’Connell at Farm Sanctuary!” the organization said.

“They know, as we do, that turkeys are sentient, emotional creatures, and don’t deserve to end up on anyone’s plates.”

Farm Sanctuary encouraged its followers to sponsor one of their rescued turkeys this year for Thanksgiving ‘instead of eating one’. It also praised Support + Feed, an initiative founded by Eilish’s Mother Maggie Baird. 

Support + Feed

Support + Feed provides plant-based meals prepared by local restaurants and businesses to people experiencing food insecurity.

It aims to nourish those in need, provide education, support small businesses, and positively impact the climate crisis.

Earlier this year, Eilish, her family, and core team members of Support + Feed, delivered vegan food and flowers to a women’s center and hospital in L.A.

Moreover, Baird said: “We had an incredible mother’s day today. The whole family and some of our core Support + Feed team [made] deliveries today to honor mothers and nurses for nurse appreciation week!

“First to the downtown women’s center and then to the staff at MLK hospital. Thank you to everyone donating to Support + Feed who makes this possible! You made a difference today!”

You can learn more about Support + Feed here – and apply to sponsor a turkey from Farm Sanctuary here

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