Vegan Engineer Predicts 'UK Will Be Vegan By 2030'

Vegan Engineer Predicts ‘UK Will Be Vegan By 2030’


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Vegan engineer, Tom Milner, has predicted that the UK will be vegan by the year 2030.

Dubbed as ‘The Vegan Engineer’, Milner conducted a survey of more than 2,800 vegans to find the rate at which veganism is skyrocketing.

The survey, which asked participants only four questions – length of time being vegan, age, gender, and location – demonstrates how 82.6 percent of respondents turned vegan in the last five years.

‘Exponential growth curve’

Milner also attributed the spike in new vegans transitions during December-February to the success of the Veganuary movement.

Overall, the survey shows an ‘exponential growth curve’ with the vegan population doubling every two years since 2011.

If this growth continues at its current rate, Milner claims the UK’s vegan population will reach around 15 percent by 2030, which could be a high enough percentage to cause a social tipping point.

‘The entire population becoming vegan’

“This seems reasonable to me because 15 percent of the population being vegan would mean there were even more significant numbers of vegetarians, pescatarians and meat reducers,” Milner said.

“With such a drop in demand for meat, dairy, and eggs it would be very difficult for any animal product based business to survive.

“2030 is, therefore, my prediction for a financial crippling of the UK animal agriculture industry and the entire UK population becoming de facto vegans. This is actually a slower growth rate than the Finder survey results which indicated 5.5 percent by the end of 2019.”

*This article was updated on April 23 to remove a quote.

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