Reading Time: < 1 minute Jenny was abused - which campaigners say led to her premature death (Photo: PETA)
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Vegan activists are calling on a circus to retire surviving elephants after learning one of the animals – named Jenny – died following a grueling tour.

Animal rights charity PETA, and a number of its supporters, have written to Carden International Circus, Inc., urging the Carden family to retire Betty, Cindy, Carol, and the other elephants used in its shows to a reputable sanctuary.

Footage of Jenny sees her being forced to carry eight people on her back at one time, while being pulling around by her trunk, and prodded by a bullhook.

Jenny the elephant was forced to perform arduous tasks

Forced to perform

PETA Foundation Deputy Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement, Rachel Mathews, said: “If this poor elephant hadn’t been chained and forced to perform tricks and give rides over and over again, she may have lived another decade or more.

“Many of the surviving elephants still being used by this outfit are showing signs of potentially deadly arthritis, and PETA is urging the Carden family to grant them retirement instead of subjecting them to an early death.”

In addition, PETA says going elephant-free would be a ‘savvy business decision, adding: “In recent years, the Ringling Bros. circus shut down, Kelly Miller Circus went animal-free, New York and Illinois banned traveling elephant acts, and more and more venues and cities across the U.S. prohibit or restrict wild-animal exhibits.”

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