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Nearly 6,000 students from Edinburgh University voted in a referendum whether or not to ban beef products .

The majority of students voted against the proposal – which was originally put forward due to concerns surrounding the climate. 

The motion suggested replacing beef with meat-free alternatives that ‘still contain all the necessary nutrients’ and cited multiple studies showing the environmental impact of beef.

“Changing our diets to be more sustainable cannot simply be left up to individuals, we need some system change to help progress,” it added.

According to Edinburgh News, the Edinburgh University Student’s Association said: “The final result was that 58 per cent of students voted against the motion, and as a result the Student’s Association will continue to offer beef products as an option in our cafes, restaurants, and shops.”

Beef bans

A slew of Universities, including Goldsmiths and The University of Helsinki, have banned beef products from its campuses.

The University of Cambridge announced last year it had slashed its food-related emissions by ditching beef and lamb.

“Sustainability is extremely important to our students and staff and we wanted to ensure that we were not only responding to their needs, but pushing what was considered possible in a catering environment,” said Nick White, Head of the University Catering Service.

“This has involved making sacrifices, but is has been absolutely the right thing to do. It’s about making the right choice easy.”

Liam Giliver

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