Reading Time: 2 minutes The scuffle outside the livestock auction (Photo: Earthling Ed)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vegan activist Earthling Ed has shared footage of a fracas that took place at a livestock market in Oxfordshire earlier today.

The video has been shared exclusively with PBN.


Ed told PBN: “We were holding a vigil at a livestock market, and as the auction was closing, we went to lay roses at the entrance, to honor the animals who would be sent to the slaughterhouse.

“A car pulled out and the driver started laughing at us. I went over and asked what was funny, and the driver said we looked like pr*cks.

“He repeated that it was funny, and I asked what the punchline was.

“He started shouting, calling me a c*nt and telling me I needed to eat some bacon and f*ck off, so I said he was pathetic.”


According to the activist, the man then jumped out of his car and rushed round to push Ed.

“A couple of activists jumped in front of me, and bore the brunt of the impact,” said Ed.

“One female activist hurt her arm quite badly because of how he [the farmer] came into contact with her. Another male activist sustained an injury to his lip.”

The video shows the fracas

‘Something different’

Ed claims the atmosphere at the event had an unusually aggressive edge to it today.

“There was the usual verbal abuse – us being told to ‘f*ck off’ and ‘get a job’, ‘get a life’.

“But there was an extra air of aggression.”

Ed says people at the market tend to be defensive. “I don’t blame them for that,” he told PBN, “We are going to their place of work, so I understand.”


But on this occasion, the clash was worse than usual.

“I think this could be to do with the way vegans have been portrayed in the mainstream media recently,” said Ed, “as very militant and aggressive.

“But we came with the intention of peace: we had flyers with information about how farmers can move to arable farming, and we wanted to have peaceful conversations.

“We want to reverse the idea that it’s vegans versus farmers and create a world where they can farm without using animals.

“What’s happening is very different to how it’s being portrayed in the mainstream media.”


A Thames Valley Police spokesperson told PBN: “This incident was witnessed by police officers. A man pushed the victim outside Thame Livestock Market just before midday.

“An investigation is being carried out but no arrests have been made at this time.

“If anyone has any information about the incident please call police on 101 and quote reference number 258 (14/2).”

PBN has been unable to make contact with the livestock market. This story will be updated as information comes in.

Maria Chiorando

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