Dr. Jane Goodall Blasts 'Brutal' Lab After Investigation Reveals Animal Suffering

Dr. Jane Goodall Blasts ‘Brutal’ Lab After Investigation Reveals Animal Suffering


(updated 28th September 2020)

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Dr. Jane Goodall has blasted the lab - Media Credit:
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Dr. Jane Goodall DBE has blasted a German lab, calling undercover footage filmed there as ‘some of the worst abuse she’s ever seen on testing with animals’.

The organization, working with SOKO Tierschutz, filmed multiple incidences of extreme suffering, including ‘monkeys restrained in barbaric devices’ and ‘dogs left to suffer when it was clear that they were very ill and even dying’ at Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) in Germany.

LPT, a family-owned contract-testing laboratory, carries out toxicity testing for global pharmaceutical, industrial and agrochemical companies. This includes poisoning animals to see how much of a chemical or drug it takes to cause serious harm, in an attempt to measure what a ‘safe’ dose for humans might be.

‘Worst abuse’

Speaking about the investigation, Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, said: “The footage shows some of the worst abuse I’ve ever seen on testing with animals.

“Some of the monkeys were lying huddled on the wire floor of their tiny prisons, while others showed stereotypic behavior, turning in circles, pacing fast, back and forth indicative of extremely high levels of stress. Some cowered at the approach of a human showing pronounced fear response and sometimes screaming.

“Each monkey had a metal collar around the neck. Some shots showed monkeys forced to stand upright, legs tied together, and arms outstretched, virtually crucified. One shot showed a monkey’s mouth being forced open while a tube was pushed down into the stomach and liquid injected into the tube.”

Systematic abuse

She added: “The overall impression left by this film footage suggests that their treatment means nothing less than systematic abuse for these animals. The footage has not been made in a small, obscure enterprise operating, far away from any legal regulations, in a remote corner of the world.

“The LPT Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG works within one of the leading and most wealthy member states of the European Union. LPT presents itself as an ‘excellent and experienced partner in the area of contract research in accordance with national and international guidelines’.

“In summary, what I have seen in this video is some of the most callous, inhumane, and brutal behavior by humans towards the primates, dogs, and cats kept at this laboratory. It is nothing but living hell. Such a situation does not belong in the 21st century and must be stopped.

“No more invasive biomedical testing should be performed on sentient and complex animals like primates, dogs and cats. Even rats have been proved highly intelligent and capable of feeling fear and pain. Animals can’t talk for themselves, so we need to be their voices and bring their plight out into the daylight.”

Urgent review

Addressing Dr. Goodall’s comments, Michelle Thew CEO of Cruelty Free International said: “No-one is more respected than Jane in the world of animal protection. We are of course delighted that with all her experience and knowledge, Jane has spoken out for the animals suffering at LPT.

“We hope that the authorities will take notice and act now to both close this particular facility and urgently review toxicity testing on animals in Germany and in the European Union as a whole.”

‘Appalling levels of suffering’

Cruelty Free International’s Director of Science, Dr. Katy Taylor, added: “We, and millions of concerned people from within Germany and across the world, believe this laboratory must close.

“The breaches in legislation, the appalling levels of suffering, the cruelty, the poor conditions, and practices resulting in further animal suffering are unacceptable.

“We, therefore, call on the Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture to close this laboratory and to immediately instigate a rehoming strategy for the animals held there, that will provide a secure and better future for all of them.”


According to reports, local authorities will be suspending new animal studies and reviewing existing experiments at LPT. Cruelty Free International and SOKO Tierschutz believe this does not go far enough and are calling for LTP to lose its authorization to carry out animal tests and the closure of the facility.

More than 8,000 people attended a peaceful demonstration at the weekend, one of the largest of its type in Germany, to call on the authorities to close LPT immediately.

More than 43,000 people have contacted the European Commission urging a fundamental review of toxicity testing on animals in the European Union.

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