Reading Time: < 1 minute Turner used a vegan diet to get rid of his acne
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Top vegan bodybuilder Brian Turner says the bodybuilding community is starting to realize that you don’t need animal products to grow big muscles.

He made his comments during an interview with Plant Based News Co-founder, for an episode of the PBN podcast.

During the episode, the pair discussed Turner’s childhood, having chronic cystic acne, body-building, staying positive and the vegan movement.

Vegan diet for skin

Turner also spoke about his battle with cystic acne – and how ditching animal products helped him get rid of the condition.

“I had severe cystic acne,” he said. “I would have [cysts] all over my face. I finished Accutane [a strong prescription medicine used to treat acne] and it sort of cleared up, but then it was coming back so quickly.

“Eventually I heard that whey protein was causing a lot of people acne, so I took it out of my diet and saw an improvement, so I removed all dairy, and it improved more. Then I thought maybe meat makes it worse too because of the hormones in it. I immediately starting seeing improvements.”

You can listen to the full podcast here

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