Reading Time: < 1 minute The chef has been met with fury
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A vegan chef has received death threats after entering a plant-based dish in a meatball competition last week.

Chef Jennifer Zavala took part in South Philadelphia’s fourth annual Meatballs & Gravy contest, in which she made a meatless version of the dish – and received a number of insults.

“It’s not a f-ing vegan competition,” writer and judge Victor Fiorillo reported another judge saying.


Writing on Facebook, the chef has claimed she had received death threats, saying: “I may not make it out of Monday alive!! 

“Apparently making a non-meat, meat-a-ball… gets one death threats.”

Although the vegan chickpea meatball did not win the competition, rumors have spread on Facebook that Zavala had won it, which prompted more angry responses.

According to news outlet San Francisco Gate, one comment from Facebook apparently read: “How does a non meat meatball win at a south Philly meatball contest? 

“I feel sad for people that took the time to make a real meatball and lost to a gluten free chickpea rolled ball.”

Taking to Twitter, the vegan meatball maker wrote: “Thanks Philly for the weirdest 2 days of my life.”


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